Scope of papers

School of IT , Skyline University, Sharjah is organizing ICD-2019 to provide an international forum for analysts, academicians and research scholars to present, observe and discuss their latest findings and ideas relevant for future technology changes. Contribution in the form of research papers, case studies, posters and projects are welcome. Emerging of new trends to technology, predicting future with certainty can be the reality of next generation. The theme “Landscaping Artificial Intelligence” is most appropriate in the current context as well as in the future with day to day evolution in computing method and technologies adoption. The Conference will not only consider the trends and developments at the globally competitive environment, but will also provide future directions to young researchers and practitioners. Besides, it will help in sharing of experience and exchange of ideas, which will foster national collaboration for society for nation building.

Tracks and Topics
The various intended tracks and topics are as below but not limited to:

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence FINTECH Cloud Computing Communication Network
Evolutionary algorithms
Fuzzy methodologies
Applied Deep Learning
Data Mining Technologies
Opinion Mining
Sentiment Analysis
Machine Learning and Application
Natural Language Processing(NLP)
NLP for Digital Humanities
Insurance and Technology
Payment technology
Seamless ecommerce
Financial Intelligence for Cyber Security
Cannabis FinTech
Cloud Computing and Wireless Networks Economics
Cluster & Grid Computing
Cloud Sourcing Social Intelligence
Parallel & Distributing Computing
Open System Architectures
Data Intensive Computing
Real-Time Supercomputing
GPU Computing
Secure Computing & Anti-Tamper Technologies
Zigbee Technology
Mobile IP
Mobile BackHaul Technology
Routing Techniques for NGN
Distributed Sensor Network
Digital Security Robotics HealthCare E-Governance & Smart Society Digital Business
Malware and Attack Analysis
Social-Media Hack Analytics
Image Processing and Application
Identity and Trust Convolution Systems
Cryptography Techniques and application
Secure and Privacy Preserving Data Analytics
Computational Intelligence Technique in security
Security of Cyber Physical Systems
Autonomous and Adaptive security
Cloud and Data Security
Information Assurance and Security
Sensors Ergonomics
Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving (Autopods)
Intelligent Biometrics
Olfactory Ontologies
Blue hrain
Multi-valued Logical Systems
2D, 3D Scene Analysis and Visualization
Vision Systems Ontology
Intelligent Robotic
Robotics Vision
Aerial Robotics
Agent Based Systems
Bio-Medical Engineering Application
E-Health Applications
Electronic Health Records and Standards
Application of Health Informatics in Clinical Cases
Mobile Technologies for Healthcare Applications
Pervasive Health Systems and Services
Physiological and Behavioral Modeling
Software Systems in Medicine
Big Data in Healthcare
Internet of Everything (IOE)
IoT based SMART solutions
iDAQs for Digital India
SMART Cities
SMART Healthcare
Intelligent Recreational Systems for Sports and Leisure
SMART Information Routing
Security Defiance in E-Governance
Aadhaar: Implications and Applications
Cloud Computing for SMART World
Wireless Networks for SMART World
SDN, NFV and 5G Networks for SMART World
Digital Strategy
Digital Marketing
Competitive Intelligence
AI applications in functional Areas
Operation Research
HR Analytics
360 Digital evaluation